Our Stylists

We are a boutique grooming salon, specialising in beautifully styled clips and breed standard clips. We provide luxury care and high quality grooms tailored to your dog.
We do more than just cut your dogs hair, we provide expert knowledge of your dogs skin and coat care.
You can have confidence knowing we use quality products specific to your dogs needs.


Meet Kate our Head Stylist and owner of Clippd.
Kate is a Master level award-wining stylist in Poodle, Asian influence and Salon Freestyle classes. Earning Best in Show titles for both Asian Influence and Salon Styling.

Kate also holds awards for her work in Terrier and All Other Pure-breed classes.

Kate’s always had a passion for our canine friends; she began teaching obedience classes in 2012, moving into grooming in 2015.

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Meet Molly our Senior Stylist.
Molly Specialises in double coated breeds, schnauzers and Oodle trims.
She began grooming in 2019 and has since earned awards in Salon Freestyle, Terrier, Poodle and a Novice Best in Show.
Molly’s passion for animals goes beyond grooming, she has completed certificates in Veterinary Nursing and Animal Studies.

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Meet Alisha our Stylist.
Alisha began her grooming career in 2018 as a dog bather and fell in love with the industry.
Her favourite part is working with anxious dogs to earn their trust so they feel comfortable with the grooming experience.
Alisha specialises in teddy trims and desheds.
We look forward to refining Alisha’s skills and building her grooming portfolio.

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Meet Elizabeth our Stylist.

Elizabeth started her professional journey as a bather before moving into the field of grooming. Her passion lies in working with oodle breeds and double-coated dogs. She's keen to refine her skills and tackle new challenges in the grooming industry.

Additionally she has a certificate in animal studies and is certified in animal first aid and CPR.

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And our Crew...

Honey Peach

Toy Poodle

" The Boss Lady "

Daisy Belle

Australian Shepherd

" The Rookie "


Labrador Retriever

" The Gentleman "


Standard Poodle

"The Security"