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Compostable dog waste bags

Compostable dog waste bags

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Sustainability and eco-consciousness have entered the pet realm with biodegradable and compostable dog waste bags. By opting for GMO-free, renewable, plant-based compostable material, you actively contribute to reducing global warming and diverting traditional plastic waste from landfills. 

Biotuff compostable dog waste bags have gained recognition from local councils, retailers, and adoring pet owners. They are practical and reliable waste management solutions. By choosing Biotuff Dog Waste Bags, you are actively choosing a greener brighter future.

  • Biotuff compostable dog waste bags deliver high product performance. Extra strong and tough!

  • Bag size 30 cm x 22 cm

  • Quantity per roll 15 bags

  • 4 rolls

  • 60 bags

Make an eco-friendly choice for your furry friend today!

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